There has never been a better time to become an HGV driver with the huge driver shortage the UK is facing and the general public now realising how vital HGV drivers are to our way of life.

Here at Direct HGV we are proud to train the next generation of HGV drivers making the whole process easy, fun and a positive experience for you.

We pride ourselves on being able to train you in the quickest possible time that works for you in the comfort of your local area. We know an HGV licence is an investment in your future and want to make sure you are happy throughout and after your training and that’s why we will be with you every step of the way.

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Cat C1

7.5t Licence

Allows you to drive any rigid body vehicle that is 3.5t – 7.5t typically used by paramedics, removals companies, recovery, horseboxes and for smaller lorry deliveries.

Starting salary of £25k+

Prices starting from just £787


Cat C

Class 2 Licence

+ C1 auto entitlement 

Allows you to drive any rigid body vehicle that is above 3.5t typically used for local large goods deliveries, refuse collection, scaffolding, building materials & many more jobs. 

Starting salary of £35k+

Prices starting from just £1189 

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Class 1 Licence

+ C1, C1+E and C auto entitlement 

Allows you to drive a category C vehicle with a detachable trailer over 750kg. It’s typically used for the largest loads over longer distances across the UK and internationally.

Starting salary of £40k+

Prices starting from just £1294



(Driver Certificate of Professional Competence)

This is a legal requirement for all professional bus, coach and lorry drivers.



New to driving?

We will help you with everything you need to gain this licence – medical, paperwork, theory revision & tests, practical training and CPC (if required).

If you already have it, we can help you with your CPC & employment!

Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) Training

minibus d1e

Cat D1


For vehicles with 9 -16 passenger seats and no more than 16 metres in length. Similar process to HGV licences but with CPC being carried out in a PCV vehicle.

d1 minivan

Cat D1+E

Minibus + trailer

Allows you to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kg MAM.

The combined MAM of both cannot exceed 12,000kg.


Cat D 


Allows you to drive any bus with more than 8 passenger seats. By passing the D licence you will automatically gain the D1 licence.

d + e license

Cat D + E

Bus/Coach + trailer

Allows you to drive a bus or coach with a trailer over 750kg.

Other training to consider...


BE Training

From 16 December 2021, all new & car licences will have the BE entitlement automatically on their licence. If you’re planning to tow something over 750kg e.g. caravan, horsebox it’s always best to get a bit of tuition from a professional instructor to help make your driving safer for yourself and other road users.



This allows you to transport hazardous goods and materials on your lorry. ADR drivers are typically the highest paid HGV drivers as it is one of the highest qualifications you can do as an HGV driver.



A lorry-mounted crane typically used to move building materials & specialist cargo off the back of a lorry. A HIAB licence will improve your employment opportunities and earning potential.


Transport Manager CPC

An integral part of any fleet. They make sure a company’s vehicles are roadworthy & compliant and make sure all drivers are keeping to their designated hours.