Female HGV Drivers

Calling all female drivers - your country needs you!

Only 1% of the UK’s HGV drivers are female and this needs to change

Many companies are now seeking to address the imbalance within their driving workforce and are committed to supporting new female talent into the HGV industry. We share their goals.

Lorry driving is one of the few professions where there is no gender pay gap and facilities for drivers are constantly improving.

If you’ve always loved driving and thought about becoming an HGV driver but haven’t gone through with it, now is the time!

Mentorship programme

Through our female HGV mentorship programme we can give aspiring female HGV drivers first hand insight on what life is like as a female HGV driver on British roads. Our mentors share their experiences and how they felt when they first started their training and starting that all important first job.

Here at Direct HGV we’re committed to supporting new female drivers into the industry and hope to be responsible for a significant boost in female HGV drivers. Together we can do it!